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Chemical Logistics


Optimizing logistics performance, particularly in this industry, demands a clear chemical supply chain strategy and a well-formed plan for continuous operations improvement. Achieving these goals begins with the measurement and analysis of key performance indicators and a keen understanding of industry best practices and benchmark standards

When handling chemical products, safety takes priority. Logistics service providers are in the position to observe and implement the strict quality and environmental protection guidelines - in storage as well as during transport.

Universal Shipping, Inc. commands comprehensive expertise in the logistics of chemical and pharmaceutical products. We develop individual solutions for you, take on project management, and realize the entire supply chain - from procurement to warehouse & distribution.

We can provide you with robust and flexible solutions focused on safety and operational optimization, which will support inventory reductions whilst increasing your profitability. Additionally, improved control of your supply chain will enable direct distribution to new markets and segments with high profit potential.

Moving large volumes more efficiently into emerging markets will improve the competitive position of your company and build stronger end-customer relationships.

We have developed a unique execution platform leveraging best practices from years of experience:

  • Global footprint - network of own offices, people and technology infrastructure
  • Strong presence in emerging and developing markets
  • World-class supply chain solutions based on ‘asset-light’ business model
  • Passionate people with strong execution discipline and deep industry experience
  • End-to-end supply chain visibility and KPI reporting
  • Market-leading supply chain development expertise.


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